Or Bereshit Breakfast Menu:

You have an option to order one of these three breakfasts to your cabin.
The breakfast is made by Debbie on site, and is served in ishes made by her in her stained glass studio at the entrance to Or Bereshit (First Light cabins).

Each breakfast is for a couple.

  Galileen Breakfast

  Shakshuka Breakfast

  Pancake Breakfast

  2 herbed omlettes  Shakshuka with 4 eggs  8 delicious pancakes
  Homemade sweet rolls', wholewheat rolls  Pitta breads and rolls
 Fresh vegetable salad 
 Homemade jam Homemade jam
  A selection of cheeses from the region
  Labane with olive oil and zatar  Labane with olive oil and zatar  
  Yogurt with honey and granola  Yogurt with honey and granola  Yogurt with honey and granola
  Homemade jam with butter  Homemade jam with butter  
  Olive  Olive
  Tchina  Tchina
  Beetroot, avocado and other seasonal vegetables    Honey, silan (date honey) and maple syrup
  Orange juice  Orange juice  Orange juice
     Fruits of the season or fruit salad
  120 shekel  120 shekel 120 shekel

Vegan Breakfast (140 shekel)

2 kinds of bread rolls (sweet and whole-wheat)
Vegan pancake, sweet or savory, made with whole-wheat flour and almond milk.
Jam, silan (date honey) and maple syrup for pancakes
Tabouli salad, or other seasonal salad
Vegetable salad
Beetroot salad
Avocado, in season
Tchina, olives, dried fruit
Orange juice

General information about the breakfasts:

– You can order a regular omlette or any other kind of eggs if you prefer it to the herbed omlettes

– Please let us know if you are vegan when ordering the room and we will make sure that all the treats in the room are vegan friendly.

– You can also order a kosher breakfast. Please let us know the afternoon before.

– Vegan, gluten- free or milk- free breakfast should be ordered in advance so that we can prepare and serve you the best breakfast possible.

– All breakfasts are brought up to your cabin, to be enjoyed on the deck or in the cabin, depending on the weather.

Looking forward to spoiling you,

Shalom and Debbie
Or Bereshit – Zimmers in Amirim
A perfect experience for couples in love