Debbie’s Stained Glass, Gallery and Shop for Glass Art in the Upper Galilea

Amongst the beautiful trees of Or Bereishit Cabins (First Light Cabins) you will find my studio, Debbie’s Stained Glass, where you can buy gifts for your family, friends or for yourselves, learn about the basics of glass work or just enjoy looking at my glass creations.

In the shop you can find Tiffany lamps, jewelry boxes, hothouses, glass jewelry, judaica and many more exiting works.

The jewelry is made by fusing very special kinds of glass at very high temperatures, between 700 and 850 degrees C, causing the glasses to meld together to form very unique designs.

Most of the other creations are made with the Tiffany method, which I would be happy to explain to you when you visit my studio.

Stained Glass Workshop

By appointment, you can do an exciting workshop with me, in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, where you will learn the ins and outs of glass, how to cut and grind glass, and to make a very special item out of amazingly colorful glass, which you will take home with you once you have completed it, as a memoir of your workshop.

The workshop takes between 2 ½ and 3 hours and you won’t believe how the time just flies!

The cost is 250 shekels per person, all inclusive. It is best to book the workshop a few days ahead of your visit to Amirim.

If you have any questions or would like to book a workshop, call me at 054-4947691. You can also visit my website at

Hope to see you soon,